Reviews and Broadcast Media

Locked Ward

Anne Buist talks with Jan Goldsmith about Locked Ward on 3CR’s Published or Not 2.2.23 here

Sue Turnbull’s review of Locked Ward “Its’s like a MidSomer Murder but with a difference…and all the better for it”  here 

The Blurb “Agatha Christie style locked-room mystery…some red herrings, a range of other issues playing out, and Buist delivers a satisfying resolution although without the drawing room scene” “Locked Ward is a fitting (temporary?) end to a fascinating and in some ways unique Australian crime series.” here

Interview with Novel Feelings here


Graeme Simsion on our joint (and his own) writing projects, The Age 23.4.22  here

First Time Podcast talking about my writing and background here

Two Steps Onward

New Daily here

The West Australian here

‘An escapist, gently witty read that’ll appeal to armchair travellers counting down until international travel — to Europe and elsewhere — opens up again.’

The AustraliantheAustralianTSOreview

ABC radio with Jacinta Parsons 7.6.21

RN with Patricia Karvelas June ’21

3CR 17.6.21

The Age 19.6.21 here

The Long Shadow

”sense of place ominous…the denouement thrilling and worth the wait” Sue Turnbull, The Age 13.6.20 31.7.20 here

“…once again Buist’s extensive background in psychiatry shines through…has mixed village mystery, the fish-out-of-water novel and psychological thriller and placed them in the outback. It all combines to give an insight into motherhood in all its rich variety and complication. Barry Reynolds, Herald Sun p59  April 25th 2020

“absolutely compelling” Virginia Trioli ABC Radio Melbourne 8.5.20 (about two hours and ten minutes in) here

3CR “an absolute ripper, a real page turner”  here

“Aussie Noir at its best” New Idea 28.4.20

Maternal Flame The Australian 9.5.20 here

When anxiety and depression in new mothers could be complex PTSD 12.5.20 here

Weekly Times May 2020

Wheeler Centre “Working with Words” here

The Law Report on Filicide 12.11.19 here

This I Would Kill For:

The Sydney Morning Herald March 16th 2018 …”you may never look at your children’s drawings the same way again…” ”strength lies in its exploration of the workings of the Family (sic…Children’s) court and its experts” “Buist nails the politics of the media as the left-wing and right-wing pundits weight into (the) case…”  here

The Australian March 10-11th 2018 “ Buist has given us a three dimensional heroine and richly imagined scenes of conflict in public and private…insights into the enmities and frustrations of bodies bound to help children are sharp”

Otago Daily Times 27/4 “highly insightful and succinctly presented….suspenseful compelling reading”

The Book Podcast here

RadioNZ: Here


Law report April 3rd here

Killing It -Australia’s Deadliest Female Authors Sunday Age, SMH 18.11.18 here

Two Steps Forward:

The Press and Journal UK April 25th(Liverpool and Northern Echo, Manchester Evening News, Press York) “charming novel… authentic and diverting read” here

Sunday Express 22.4 “a beautifully crafted tale of love. self-acceptance and blisters”

The People -Inside Out 22.4.18 “a charming uplifting journey”

Scottish/UK Daily Mail 13.4.18 “charming and absorbing”

Sunday Post Dundee 25/3 “intriguing read”

Glasgow Herald/Independent April “cast of quirky charcteres…a diverting read”

Scottish Daily Mail 13.4 “charming and absorbing”

ABC RN’S The Hub with Fiona Gruber 6.3.18

Video: The writing process, a tongue in cheek view of writing a book with your partner here

Video: Martin and Zoe are both on a journey – with very different approaches. Will they be able to learn from each other? here

The Age Review October 12th: “entertaining and refreshingly unpredictable romance” here

ABC Breakfast Show with Virginia Trioli 4th October  here

Radio NZ 6th October here

Review in The Australian 30.9.17 here

Review The Herald Sun “Rewarding Journey” “delightful tale of renewal and shedding unnecessary burdens” 30.9.17

Over Sixty here

The Daily 30.9.17 here

SMH 24.9.17 here

The Herald-Sun  16.9.17 here

Optioned by Fox Searchlight & Ellen DeGeneres, details here

October-NovemberABC radio Sydney(Nightlife), Western Wild, Tasmania, Canberra, Melbourne (Clare Bowditch)

WHO weekly 25.12.17

Better Reading Interview here

Medea’s Curse:

Shortlisted for the 2016 Davitt awards

“A psychological thriller with all the ingredients” Jennifer Byrne Australian Women’s Weekly February 2015

“Racy Psychiatrist Offers New Twist on Crime” Herald Sun weekend Feb 7th Anne Buist has ticked all the boxes with her creation…Buist brings her considerable experience as a perinatal psychiatrist to bear in this novel…giving it authenticity and gravitas

“Candice Fox and Anne Buist deliver deadly thrills” by Sue Turnbull: “feminism and the crime novel have come a long way”  SMH/The Age here

Medea’s Curse is a gripping ride of crime and tension, with a Lisbeth Salander-like lead roaring through danger and intrigue at a million miles an hour.’

Adelaide Advertiser

‘Buist has used her twenty-five years’ experience in perinatal psychiatry to good effect in her first psychological thriller…King is a lively new character with a good mix of appealing characteristics and interesting flaws.’

Sydney Morning Herald

Anne Buist writes with authority and confidence…a gritty and noir novel” Fairdinkum Crime here

“…likely to be very successful and the start of a series with the potential to evolve with absorbing twists and turns, inspired by the author’s foresnic experience.” Ian Freckleton, QC, Journal of Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law Vol 15, 2015 HERE

“Buist …uses her 25 years experience to good effect in her first psychological thriller…King is a lively new character with a good mixture of appealing characteristics and interesting flaws.” Jeffrey Popple SMH 9.3.15 here

“One of the highlights of Medea’s Curse is the psychiatric detail, from the politics of a differential diagnosis on a forensic ward, to the way Buist artfully moves her plot through the revelations and resistances of Natalie’s sessions with her patients….(it appeals because) the knowledge it brings to the story and the empathy it generates for characters caught in tragic predicaments.” Ed Wright,  The Australian, March 7th 2015

“Meet Natalie King, a kickass forensic psychiatrist who rides  Ducati and plays in a rock band. Buist – a perinatal psychiatrist – crafts an intelligent thriller about mothers who kill.” WHO March 30 2015

“…an easy fast-paced read which you won’t want to put down” The Big Book Club

an effective and engaging crime novel, that handles its issues compassionately, builds tension well and has a fascinating, flawed protagonist. It will be interesting to see what Anne Buist (and Natalie King) do next.’ Aus Crime Review April here

Press Coverage

Thrills & Ellipses April 18th 2016 The West Australian

Author, author Melbourne University Alumni Magazine May 2015 here

‘Strong Partnership at All Levels” by Heather Zubek The West Australian 17.2.15 here

‘Literary Double Act: The Marriage Plot’ by Nikki Barraclough Good Weekend Jan 24th 2014 here

Hoopla Meet the Author February 2015 here

The Leader Feb 2015

“A boost for Buist” by Jason Steger March 2015 here

Launched Feb 5th at Provincial Hotel in association with Brunswick St Bookstore
In a lovely upstairs space over a glass of champagne and looking out open windows into the bustle and grunge of Fitzroy, not far from the stomping ground of Medea’s Curse heroine/protagonist Natalie King, Mandy Brett (Text publishing senior editor) and Angela Savage (crime fiction author) officially launched Medea’s Curse. The enthralled group are friends, family, writer’s (both Anne Buist’s writing group and her husband Graeme Simsion’s writers and screenplay group as well as published authors Sue Williams, Tim Lowe, Martien Snellen (nonfiction- also a psychiatrist!) and Antoni Jach(also writer’s group co-ordinator)) and friends including two from primary school, three from secondary, one from medicine and a strong cohort of psychiatrists and Austin Health staff–some of which I have been working with for over 20 years. Thank you all!


3CR 29.1.15 I was asked some pretty interesting questions by David and Jan! Hope those who tuned in enjoyed the half hour book chat – and we could have gone on a lot longer!

Radio National Saturday 31st Jan 2pm with Melanie Tait “From Erotic Fiction to a Psychological Thriller” Podcast here

2SER Final Draft with Andrew Pople 7th Feb

ABC Central West 10th Feb 9.05am with Angela Owens

ABC West Queensland 2.30pm Feb 13th

3RRR 18th Feb Multi-Storied with Elizabeth McCarthy and Louise Irving 12.10pm

Live with Gillian O’Shaughnessy & Graeme Simsion on ABC Radio Perth 1.30PM 20.2.15

27.2.15 Recorded with Cath Keneally for Adelaide community radio

Broadcast of Sydney Writers Festival Panel 2015 : Interviewer Natasha Mitchell with Anne Buist, Matt Haig & Michael Christie on June 12th:
(Twitter @RNLifematters @RadioNational) Capital cities


Beyond, it will stream live online from 9am AEST that day at

Life Matters creativity with Graeme Simsion Thursday 6th August 2016

Abc Radio 666 Canberra with Graeme Simsion and Alex Sloan 29.11.16

Past Media

Killing Me Softly by Julie Szego and Stephen Cauchi The Age 2003 read here


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