This I Would Kill For

Third in the Natalie King Series, published in Australia January 2018, out in UK July 2018:

Psychiatrist Natalie King is the expert witness in a vicious child custody battle.

”Buist has given us a three-dimensional heroine and richly imagined scenes of conflict in public and private” The Australian March 10-11

“highly insightful and succinctly presented….suspenseful compelling reading” Otago Daily Times 27/4

“you may never be able to look at your children’s drawings in the same way again…” Sue Turnbull, Sydney Morning Herald March 16th

Natalie is dragged into a child custody dispute which appears to be more about bad behaviour than mental illness; but getting it wrong could mean handing over a child to an abuser. Or giving it to a parent who has fabricated the story.

Is Jenna gaming the system, or is Malik as dangerous as she suggests? Natalie’s personal life is in disarray: is that affecting her judgment? Liam O’Shea’s ex-wife is out for blood—and either Liam or her former lover Damian could be the father of the unborn child she’s trying not to think about.

Court dramas, cultural clashes, media backlash and the narrow line between confidentiality and risk create an explosive mixture that forces Natalie to make life and death choices.

How far will a parent go to keep—or save—their child?