Dangerous to Know


“Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know” Lady Caroline Lamb on Lord Byron

Second in the Natalie King series, released  March 29th 2016 in Australia, March 15th 2017 in UK

Featured in the Big Book Club July 2016

Audiobook also available read by Gail Knight.

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Psychiatrist Natalie King’s research supervisor needs her help. But is it to get over the death of his first pregnant wife or to plan the murder of his second?

A cat and mouse game where only one can win…and the stakes are her sanity…as well as her life.

The second in the Natalie King series, which can be read as a stand alone, will be released by Text publishing in April 2016 and along with Medea’s Curse, in the UK in 2016/2017 by Legend Press, and the audio version with Wavesound. Set along the south west Victorian coast (the house that inspired the location is still standing after the horrendous 2015 Christmas bush fires, though many others were sadly lost) sees Natalie out of her comfort zone in more ways than one.

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3 Responses to Dangerous to Know

  1. Jackie Williams says:

    I loved both of your books. Have just finished Dangerous to Know and am greatly looking forward to the next Natalie King instalment. Thank you so much for an exciting, entertaining and intelligent read.


  2. Lynn Adamson says:

    I am in the UK and have just finished reading this. The book was a good reads giveaway and I really enjoyed. Your writing style makes the book really easy to read. I admit I had never heard of you so yet ur book was a lovely surprise read.I’m now going to read Medeas Curse and I’m looking forward to your next book.


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