WHAT’S COMING in 2023:

Locked Ward was released January 31st.

And look out for a new Blue Sky Mental Health series from Anne Buist and Graeme Simsion tackling the gritty and at times light moments at the coal face reality of a mental health service in crisis .


Anne Buist’s first psychological thriller, MEDEA’S CURSE was published by Text, on January 28th 2015. The second Natalie King book, DANGEROUS TO KNOW, was published by them on March 29th 2016, and both are published by Legend Press in the UK. THIRD in series  THIS I WOULD KILL FOR was released February 1st 2018 and the FOURTH Locked Ward January 2023. A stand alone rural thriller, THE LONG SHADOW was published April 28th 2020.

Anne Buist and Graeme Simsion have co-authored TWO STEPS FORWARD, a journey of midlife reinvention set on the Camino de Santiago, was published by Text publishing in October 2017, and hit the Australian fiction best seller list, as it did when released in The Netherlands (Luitingh-Sijthoff) and Israel (Tchelet)in March 2018. It was published in 2018 with Harper Collins in USA (Morrow)  & Canada, Two Roads (Hachette) in UK, and in 2019 in Germany (Fischer) as well as Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, and the Ukraine. The sequel, Two Steps Onward was released in 2021 in Australia and rights in Germany (Fischer) and Netherlands (Luitingh Sijthof).

The Long Shadow:

“once again Buist’s extensive background in psychiatry shines through…has mixed village mystery, the fish-out-of-water novel and psychological thriller and placed them in the outback. It all combines to give an insight into motherhood in all its rich variety and complication”. Barry Reynolds, Herald Sun p59  April 25th 2020

“Suspenseful Aussie noir at its best” New Idea 28th April

”absolutely compelling” Virginia Trioli 9.5.20 abc radio

Natalie King books:

A dark sexy and gripping psychological thriller set in the heart of Melbourne: see Reviews and Events for all the latest reviews and information.

Praise for Medea’s Curse:

“A gripping ride of crime and tension” Adelaide Advertiser

“A psychological thriller with all the ingredients” Jennifer Byrne

“Crime novels and thrillers depend on strong investigators whose idiosyncrasies make them distinctive and attractively flawed…ticked these boxes.’ The Herald Sun

“A harrowing and thrilling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat” Buzzfeed

An intelligent, well paced thriller’  Adrian McKinty

‘Keeps the reader guessing to the very last page’ Lisa Hall

A plot-twisting page-turner…I was completely gripped’ Emma Healey

Short-listed for the 2016 Davitt awards

One of BuzzFeeds top 19 Australian books for 2015


21 Responses to Home

  1. Hi Anne, so lovely to see you at the Perth Writers Festival tonight. I made the mistake of starting your book when I got home and now I can’t stop!

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  2. Leisa Rule says:

    Anne, I absolutely loved Medea’s Curse. I read it through the night as I couldn’t put it down. Your own professional history is fascinating to me and I can’t wait to read more of your work.
    Thank you!

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    • annebuist says:

      Thank you for your kind words – delighted you enjoyed it – hope you like the next – Dangerous to Know – as much! Have a draft of the third finished as well…


  3. Rachel Gallehawk says:

    Just read your first novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the insights into people’s behaviour and the twists and turns of never quite knowing whodunit until the end! Looking forward to the 2nd one being published in the UK.

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  4. Janine Van Heynsbergen says:

    I read Medea’s Curse a while ago now and just finished Dangerous to Know while on holidays last month. Both terrific reads. Looking forward to reading your combined effort in October.

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  5. Margaret Owens says:

    Anne, I have just listened to your interview on the Law report and am full of admiration for the work you do. Thank you for putting such a clear perspective on just a fraught subject. Any child who works with you is lucky to have such a wise practioner. I look forward to reading your books.

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  6. Ali Rodwell says:

    Wow as a child maternal health nurse your books are very powerful. I couldn’t put any of them down when I picked them up. Please write more can’t wait to hear what you have next in store for Natalie.

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  7. Anne, heard you speak at the XC Literary Evening last night – fascinating, real and overwhelming to hear your stories and experiences. Would love to have spoken with you especially as we share a passion for emotional health and mother’s experiences, and also because I am doing the Kumano trail in Japan this November. Maybe one day our paths will meet again.

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  8. Nancy Steenson says:

    Hi Ann, I picked up Two Steps Forward at the library because of intrigued me. I’ve never read one of your books before. The story is wonderful, but I’m disturbed by the negativity toward the Catholic church. Will that theme continue throughout the book? I’m sensing that the character Zoe has some anger toward organized religion for reasons that aren’t clear, and I’m hoping the anti Catholic comments are not a reflection of the authors.

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    • annebuist says:

      Hi Nancy, no this wasn’t meant to be negative – or rather, she starts off negative but comes to realize its not the church that is her issue but rather her relationship with her mother (all tied in with the grief re her husband…as often happens, people project their anger rather than facing what the issue in themselves is); it is obviously a very religious walk and I wanted to bring that in, but without it being a dominant part (as I’m not Catholic) and in a way that the many people we walked with who were spiritual rather than Catholic, could also identify with. In Conques she (and I when I walked it!) has a very spiritual positive moment with the church (after she gets angry about the historical issues she has!) and this starts the healing process. Hope you make it to the end – it is very much a positive end in the complete spirit of the Camino (and though I had to cut it short, Zoe like I cried when the Botafumeiro swings in the Santiago cathedral). By the way my other books I doubt even mention religion but they are psychological/crime books so they are very different (and have some bad language). We are walking to Rome next year and hope for a sequel…
      happy reading


  9. Linda Campbell says:

    I just finished This I would Kill For – Natalie King is going to fill the void left for me when Sue Grafton and Kinsey left us. Yippee a new femero ( fem hero)!

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  10. Marianne Maennel says:

    Just finished “This I would kill for” an loved it! Will there be more sequels?

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    • annebuist says:

      I have a stand alone non Natalie thriller, The Long Shadow, our next year, but am halfway through the first draft of another Natalie book. Working title – The Locked Ward…
      So glad you enjoyed them!

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  11. Marianne Männel says:

    Absolutely love your Natalie King books – will there be another sequel?

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  12. petra de bruijn says:

    i just read your book two steps(in german), i liked it so much that i felt sorry that i had to finish it. But its better, because this night i won’t read, just sleep 🙂 i hope that may be it gets a number 2
    i also walked a part of the trail and unfortunally this year i can not continui because of the ciovid. Thank very much for giving me the chanche to be on the road (in my mind) sorry for my bad wrighting, long time ago (dutch, germann, italian is easyer) i will read some other from you and graeme simsion, but not this night 😉 thank you!!

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  13. Tamara Eatmon says:

    Hello Dr. Anne!

    I just want to say thank you for such these books! Since, the pandemic i’ve started reading “Dangerous to Know” and I can’t put it down! I must finish the series. So, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

    A inspired forensic psychiatrist

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